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Society is falling apart due to economic reasons, By Roy Philipose

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I am sorry to say, that society is falling apart. You may already know that and feel that now. I say society is falling apart due to purely economic reasons, because it is true. As you know, I am also becoming an economist. Simply put if the people have less economic means, then society will not be able to function normally, as it should. The private economies are doing well, but the overall society is not.

Let me give you some background. In 1971, America went off the gold standard. The Bretton Woods Agreement terms changed. In that US dollars would no longer be backed by gold or silver, for that matter. From that point, America and other nations, could “print” money at will. A reason why we had such high inflation, or “stagflation” in the 1970s. Again we are having high inflation now.

Prices will continue to rise, because our money currency, continues to dilute in value. We continue to add “fake” money to the system every day. Yes, the money we all have is fake, being backed only by the confidence of the government that issued it. And the confidence in America is going down.

The problem is that, this agreement was not communicated clearly to everyone. The American public, still believes in hard work and saving money. Nothing is wrong with hard work, but saving money is a guaranteed loss, especially if the inflation rate is higher, than the interest on savings deposits.

That is why we need to be investing our money, not just saving it. Investing simply means matching or exceeding the real inflation rate. Right now real inflation is around 15%, across the board. Not just 3% as the US government says.

The problem again is that, we don’t teach money in our schools. I have heard that some schools are teaching, but not across the board yet. If people knew how money worked, they would be financially better off.

The “rich” knows how money works. One reason the rich are getting richer, is because they know money is not real. Everyone else doesn’t. The “poor” and “middle class” continue to fight, rather then learn. The “educated” continue to be ignorant too.

The gap between the rich and poor, will continue to grow, until the law is passed, requiring everyone to learn and pass “financial assessments” tests. Again society will continue to fall apart. If you improve someone’s economics, you improve their life. We have not done that on a major scale.

The private economies (societies) like the fact that they are doing well. Some like the fact we have poor minded individuals working in their company. This is a good form of control for them. But that can’t last forever. If a worker at the bottom is having troubles, then that will be reflected to the customers and soon bottom line. Overall, money continues to go to private first, rather to the public.

When the economy is doing well, we are talking about the private. They are so many out there… The public employment figures are not accurate anymore. The under-employment rate is what we need to be looking at, currently 50%. Just having a job, doesn’t mean “good” anymore for most people.

We have “financial slavery” in America. That needs to be abolished. Every man has a right to economic freedom, not just the rich. A major violation of our own US constitution, “promote the general welfare” of the people.

Riots and revolts are coming...

Is there a solution to all of this? Yes

“Rich conditioning” is the solution that will solve most of the problems we are having. What is rich conditioning? Simply being educated in a rich manner. We as people have only been conditioned in a “secure” enough way. That security doesn’t exist anymore. Rich conditioning fills in the gaps that have been left behind by our traditional education system. We would now learn about money and success principles, capital, self-education, self-improvement, creating for others, good and bad, including fraud, theft, crime, etc…

I know this will work, because it has worked for me. If we don’t employ this, problems will continue to grow.

(It seems people only want to listen to their politicians and school teachers, rather than individuals like me, who have a good idea of what is going on. That is bad. Most politicians are lost. I am not.)

Yours, Roy Philipose,
Independent Economist and More

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